Fresh Free Range Turkeys

Our #ShropshireGrown Poultry 

At The Croft we source traditional turkey breeds from local Shropshire hatcheries.
Our turkeys enjoy a purpose mix of Turkey feed combined with fresh pasture and fruit providing a nutritionally-balanced diet that’s locally sourced.
Our birds are cared for by dedicated onsite personnel that have over thirty years of experience.
During the day, our Free Range turkeys stroll around our pasture lands, taking in the fresh air as soon as they’re old enough, age and weather dependent, up until the latter days of their lives.
Our birds are plucked with a sensitive combination of mechanical and by hand. The initial plucking and detailed finishing of the birds are performed by hand to assure the pristine finish of our birds.
Our birds are then hung for over 7 days which is essential for their cooked quality.
Having been grown slowly, our free range mature turkeys are a joy to cook. They offer more flavor with a fantastic meat texture.