Our butchered turkeys are expertly carved and excellently presented with, The CrownWings and Legs. This makes the cooking easier and enables you to pick and choose what or when you cook your turkey.

Your butchered turkey has enjoyed high quality feed combined with fresh pasture and fruit providing a nutritionally-balanced diet that’s locally sourced.


During the day, our free range turkeys stroll around our pasture lands, taking in the outdoor fresh Shropshire air as soon as they’re old enough, age and weather dependent, up until the latter days of their lives.


All of our turkeys are plucked with a sensitive combination of mechanical and hand techniques, assuring a pristine finish.


The birds are then hung for 7 days, essential for ensuring their quality once cooked.

Having been grown slowly, our free range mature turkeys are a joy to cook and they offer more flavour and a fantastic meat texture to be enjoyed anytime of year.

5kg Butchered Free Range Turkey

  • Cooking:

    Cooking a fresh turkey is as easy as you wish to make it, but our suculent and tender birds need little preparation other than the ensuring your oven is up to temperature and your timer is in good working order.


    However... roughly you're looking at approx 40min per Kg (20min per Lbs), but here is a handy calculator: